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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Frampton Marsh

The last day of March, myself and Whisky headed off to the RSPB reserve at Frampton Marsh, in Lincolnshire; one of my favourites.
They've had some Whooper Swans roosting on the reserve for a while and we managed to find them in one of the adjacent fields.

Whooper Swan

Although I can't take Whisky onto the actual reserve, there are plenty of places around it where we can walk. The footpaths nearby, and along the sea bank, that overlooks the salt marsh on one side, and some of the reserve on the other side.
It was here we had some excellent views of the Brent Geese as they flew onto the reserve.

Some big flocks of Dunlin were very mobile too,


with the odd Ringed Plover amongst them.

Ringed Plover

A few Ruff were on the reserve .


lots of Shoveler,


and quite a few Avocets.


A fantastic visit where Whisky can have a good walk and sniff the new smells, and I can get to see plenty of birds. I even managed to find a very distant male Gargany; a first of the year for me, and a couple of other people I pointed it out to.

I was surprised to find an early flowering Dove's-foot Cranesbill too.

Dove's-foot Cranesbill

I'll finish with a picture of a Black-headed Gull flying over a Dunlin. Gives a good idea of the size of the Dunlin.

List of birds seen this visit.

Mute Swan 
Whooper Swan
Greylag Goose
Greater Canada Goose 
Brent Goose 
Common Shelduck 
Eurasian Wigeon 
Common Teal
Northern Shoveler 
Common Pochard 
Tufted Duck
Common Pheasant 
Little Grebe 
Great Crested Grebe 
Great Cormorant 
Little Egret 
Common Moorhen
Common Coot 
Eurasian Oystercatcher 
Pied Avocet 
Ringed Plover 
Northern Lapwing
Black-tailed Godwit 
Eurasian Curlew
Common Redshank 
Black-headed Gull 
Common Wood Pigeon 
Eurasian Collared Dove 
Sky Lark 
Meadow Pipit 
Pied Wagtail
British Dunnock 
British Robin 
Common Blackbird 
Common Chiffchaff 
British Blue Tit
British Jay 
Eurasian Magpie 
Carrion Crow
Common Starling 
British Chaffinch 
European Goldfinch 
Common Linnet
Reed Bunting 

Total  51 species

Enjoy your day


  1. Beautiful array of waterbirds, the Whooper Swan is my favourite Keith.

  2. Thanks Bob. They usually have a few Whooper Swans most years here and Bewicks. A great reserve.